Monday, 14 July 2014

A Hard Fought Victory For The Champions, Germany !!!

The stage was set and it was all down to the terrific final in Rio de Janerio. Argentina was up against Germany, the team who had handed five times world champions Brazil a disastorous 7-1 defeat. The two emerged as the best teams in the FIFA World Cup 2014 even after not playing some consistent football on the grandest stage. It was a battle of Germany’s known technicians & Argentina’s Lionel Messi who could have single handedly taken them to the podium.

As the whistle blew, Germany's strategy was simple, keep the ball away from Messi. The match was filled with some pretty fantastic moments unlike the previous two world cups, The match seemed to be an open battle with each of them having an upper hand on the other. Gonzalo Higuain who appeared to be the most aggresive player on the field didn't turn the opportunities in goals when there was a chance to do so. TIn the first ten minutes he misjudge a header and nine minutes later when he netted the ball the flag went up for offside. The Argenitine forwards didn't find it hard to break through the German defence when they were on an attacking spree. Just before half time Germany came before a couple of chances but were left high and dry.

Just before the hour mark, Higuain came close to netting the header but quick thinking from Neuer saved the day from Germany, though it was not that pretty for Higuain as he got hit by Neuer's right knee while making the save. The 40-60 possession in Germany's favour was not enough to decide for the 90 minutes.

With the extra-time the pressure kept mounting as the time flew by and the 113th minute saw the goal with some quick & precise  touch by Mario Gotze. The 118th minute would have proved fatal for Germany due to a free kick awarded to their opposition. But Lionel Messi couldn't have done much about as it was too wide of a goal to be considered shooting. As the final whistle blew, there was a cheer among the fans as Germany ended their 24 year wait the fourth world champion title and a-first for unified Germany. The German players were celebrating while a visibly upset Messi could be seen on the big screen that would make even the non-Messi fans hearts melt.

As a unified nation, it was Germany’s first world title as they had won the 1954, 1974 & 1990’s World Cup's as West Germany. Lionel Messi,a four time WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR face loomed over the entire arena as he went on to accept the Golden Ball. Messi who is hailed as the Diego Maradona of the current generation however could not replicate the success of the Golden Trophy for the country. Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger was named as the Man of the Match while Manuel Neuer was awared the Golden Glove for his outstanding performance throughout the World Cup. But afterall it is a group effort that counts and no single player can lift the World Cup on their own no matter how great he is and that could be seen in Germany's brilliant performance in the semi-finals and finals.

171 goals, 182 yellow cards, 10 red cards and 1 winner. I guess that's how it has to end.

Written by: Adnaan Nagarwala

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