Sunday, 13 July 2014

Brazil Fail To Salvage Pride In FIFA 2014!!!

After a shameful defeat against Germany in the first semifinals, Brazil lost their chance for third position by losing to Netherlands. It didn’t go well for Brazil against Netherlands too. It was not as bad as it was against Germany but not too good also. The Netherlands started their attacking early on and didn’t stop till the final whistle blew for the game. 

The Netherlands victory by a 3-0 margin over the Brazilians took Brazil’s last chance of compensating their defeat against Germany. Netherlands drew first blood when Arjen Robben was taken down by Thiago Silva in the penalty box for which he got a yellow card (though it could have been a red one) and Robin van Persie was sent for penalty kick, who turned it into the first goal of the match. The Brazilians could not turn the tables even after a possession 58% during the game. After just 14 minutes Daley Blind scored the second goal for Netherlands in just 17th minute.

Arjen Robben during the match.
Brazil had a small glimmer of hope due to Oscar who created numerous opportunities, but Brazilians were not able to make any good of that consequences after all. The 11 shots during the match but only 2 of them on target speak for the statistics itself.  The match saw 5 players get yellow cards which included 3 players from Brazil (Silva, Fernando, Oscar) & 2 from Netherlands (Robben, Guzman). It was not all over till 90 minute, when during the injury time, the Dutch team netted another one to make it 3-0 with the help of Georgina in 90+1'. With the final whistle the Netherlands won the match by 3-0 and secured their third position in FIFA 2014. With the defeat Brazil's World Cup campaign came to a miserable end. This was the first time ever after 1940 that Brazil have lost back-to-back matches on the home ground, first by Germany 7-1 & now by Netherlands 3-0.

This was just the second time that in the last 10 World Cups in a 3rd position match that a losing team was not able to score.

The Brazilian fans were supporting their teams, but however they chanted loud 'boos' when the names of harassed striker Fred & the team manager scolaries names were called out as they did not forgot the defeat against the Germany. The injured Neymar was just able to watch from the bench the suffering of Brazil’s second successive defeat. Now the eyes are on the finals between Germany & Argentina which will take place on the 14th of July at 12:30am. Both the team have got a strong line-up & it will be a competition to watch when the German technicians face the Messi-led team. So, stay tuned with TEKSEA for the latest update on the finals.

Written by: Shabbir Dalot

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