Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Samsung To Release A New Series Of Smartphones?

Import listings have been a good source for discovering a new range of smartphones and this time the Samsung SM-E500 has been spotted indicating a new 'E' series might be launched in the coming weeks.

Not too long ago Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 which were also seen in leaked documents with the model number SM-A500, sent to India for testing purposes. Samsung has used the letter 'E' for the first time and sending them to India for testing purposes makes us believe that it will be a mid-range 'E' series of smartphones beginning with the Samsung E5.

No specifications are available at the moment but expect them to show up in the coming few days. The manufacturer's head of investor relations recently stated that the company would cut down on the phone portfolio by 25-30% but it doesn't seem like the company wants to stop churning out new devices every month.

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