Saturday, 6 September 2014

Well Known Industrial Designer Marc Newson Hired In Apple's Design Team

Marc Newson and Jony Ive
Marc Newson will join Apple's Senior Vice President of design Jony Ive's team according to reports.

Apple will launch iPhone 6 and the rumored iWatch on September 9 and the appointment of Marc ahead of the launch is a big surprise. Ive and Newson have been rumored to be working quite closely the past year and are also rumored to work on some designs for Apple.

It is not known where he will work as there are reports that he will not be working in UK nor at the company's headquarter in California.

The two last collaborated on U2 singer Bono's Red Auction and helped raise $26.2 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. The devices produced by both of them for the auction include 18k rose gold Apple EarPods and a red Mac Pro, alongside a very special one-off Leica camera made out of anodized aluminum, and even a solid aluminum desk.

Apple is recently in some new staffing process after the acquisition of Beats Music. The most recent hires by by the company include Angela Ahrendts, a former Burberry C.E.O., Yves Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve, and Nike’s Ben Shaffer.

With this crop of staff, expect some huge strides in innovation from the premium device-making company.

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