Friday, 12 September 2014

Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Reveal A 'MetroTextual' Look

ComputerBase and WinFuture, the two German websites leaked some screenshots of what appears to be an early build of Windows 9.

The screenshots look promising as Microsoft has done quite a bit of hard work in tweaking the Windows 8 OS which was very confusing to some people due to the absence of the Start Menu.

One of the screenshots shows the return of the Start Menu just like it was on the Windows 7. The Metro-style live tiles make way in the Start Menu too as you can see them on the right side of the Menu.

Another thing worth noting are the icons next to Start buttons in the taskbar. The first addition looks like a search button whereas the second one appears to be a virtual-desktop button which will help the user to toggle between different desktops.

A screenshot of Virtual Desktop mode.
Microsoft in early April had teased a screenshot of Windows 9 and even hyped about the return of the Start Menu.

Windows 9 teaser by Microsoft.

A screenshot even revealed the often rumored notification center. It is not known how it will work but expect it to notify about incoming mails or important events from your calendar.

The screenshots look a bit different of what Microsoft has shown, but expect a lot of changes in the final build since these are the images from an early build.

Microsoft will announce Windows 9 on September 30 and might even release the Technical Preview to users in early October.

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