Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What To & What Not To Post

It is observed that many users on social media like to post anything what they like to. It is understood and learnt that social media is meant to share info about you among your friends group, but at the same time it is also important to be safe from embarrassment and dire consequences. Once a person asked a comedian that if I lose someone in my family and I post it on my timeline, is it ok? He was commented with “Yes, death is not 100% bad – we need the room” The person who commented was Jerry Seinfeld, an actor/writer. Well it’s not always funny. Social media is a serious interaction business too.  A single mistake on a brand page or even on your personal profile could lead to many upset minds over you.

Usually youngsters, like to check in places where they go to without even realizing that they have other friends whom they denied to be with. Well, this depends on the thinking of different people, off course. Or sometimes it just so happens that they are on a sick leave and they check in to a cinema which their social media profile shows. Well, now that’s a catch, LOL. Well, we shouldn’t forget that not only your friends but also your seniors or bosses are on your friends list. Many people have landed in trouble when they by mistakenly post cribbing about their job and finally caught in the act with a comment of their boss saying, “You can leave whenever you feel”, and that silent moment…

In fact, you might not even believe that some recruiters even go through your Social Media Profiles when you apply for a job, just to check out your background. Just remember one big thing that ‘Don’t Post Something on Social Media Which You Would Not like to scream in Public’! Remember that nothing is really private on social media. So if in doubt – just do not hit the share button. And if you may do it, try and handle it politely or with a humor.  

There are some interesting Dos and Don’ts that you should care about:
Interaction and engagement is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends. Engage with people and brands and keep using the medium of networking.
Don’t spam – Update your people about your life, but not everything. Filter out the activity you want to write. Just don’t be irrelevant.
Respect others opinion on social media. When you join a conversation, avoid being offensive or hurt anybody with foul comments. This might bring a bad mark on your name on social media.
Don’t forget about your offline life. Do not make yourself so addicted to your social media profile that you forget your world out of your cellphone or computer.
Setup privacy options. Social media platforms enable you to control your privacy. So that you put up any personal information, you know who would have access to it.
Don’t accept any friend request. Keep a filter. You don’t know them, you don’t add them. This not only keeps you away from unknowns but your friends too come to know that you are not just another guy who accepts anything. Unless the stranger is introducing himself nicely or has a genuine motive.
Be present on relevant platforms. Like if you are looking out for a job, make sure you have an updated profile on Linkedin. Recruiters like to see you on social media on how well have you written your bio. If you are a musician have an account on sound Cloud, or a designer then Behance.
Don’t steal images or content. While using pictures or text make sure you stay away from any copyright issues. Either try to give them credit by saying   Courtesy: XYZ or simply buy it!

Well, I have been facing spam issues for a few days, so make sure you do not click on any suspicious stuff because they might enter your system and not leave unless you have a licensed anti-virus.

Written by: Fahad Patel

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