Friday, 29 August 2014

Twitter Launches Analytics For All Its Users

The analytics dashboard on Facebook is available for admins from a long time now, and now Twitter has followed suit by releasing its own analytics for all the Twitter users.

Previously, it was available only for advertisers but now even users can keep track of their tweets and analyze how their tweets are faring.

The dashboard currently holds the  the impressions and engagement for your tweets along with the engagement rate. The bars and graphs look much cleaner than Facebook and gives a clearer view on the engagement of our tweets.

Though somewhat similar to Google Analytics, it even shows the impressions and engagement for your tweets along with your community size and it’s composition.

You can even track the monthly increase or decrease in tweets with the engagement rate in addition to the increase in followers.

Minute details such as the Engagement Rate, Link Clicks, Replies, Favorites, Retweets are also given a separate section.

Twitter analytics even helps in the gender wise break up of your followers, their location & interest on Twitter & also view their followers which might help users in directing their tweets towards specific people.

Those are some pretty hefty features and looks like Twitter has done a pretty good homework before releasing this feature for its social networking website.

Note: Twitter analytics will show data only for the tweets done after  signing up for analytics. Plus, it is only available to Twitter accounts that  have been open for at least 14 days and sends out tweets in English, French, Japanese, or Spanish!

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