Monday, 4 August 2014

Is ‪Google‬ Not Done With ‪Motorola‬ Yet?

Nexus - TekSea blogs
"Google parted ways with one of its biggest acquisitions, Motorola, a few months back but that has not detered the company to sever all ties with them. According to a grapevine, Google is working on a device in collaboration with Motorola by the codename Shamu. It is well known that Google has a renowned Nexus line to its name and working with Motorola fuels the rumors for a future Nexus 6 ‪smartphone‬ with its former subsidiary. According to the ‪Android‬ Police report, the Shamu is a device with a 5.9 inch display and a fingerprint sensor. With this the ‪Nexus‬ fans will have a sigh of relief as this puts an end to the various ‪‎rumors‬ of Google axing the Nexus line in favor of the Android Silver program."

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