Wednesday, 6 August 2014

India Ranked No. 8 On Global List of Multimillionaires

India is home to 14,800 multimillionaires. Above all Mumbai is home to the highest number of them — 2,700. India has more multimillionaires than Australia, Russia and France.

The latest wealth index by New World Wealth that looks at multimillionaires — an individual with net assets of at least $10 million — has ranked India eighth in the global rich list, below countries such as the US, China, Germany and the UK but above Singapore and Canada. When it comes to millionaires, the US tops the list followed by Japan and the UK. China and India are both significantly lower on this list than they are on the multi-millionaire list. Russia, which ranks ninth in the world for multi-millionaires, only ranks 18th in the world for millionaires.

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