Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Android Users Have 95 Apps But Use Only 35 Of Them

Android Users Have 95 Apps But Use Only 35 Of Them - TekSea blog
According to Yahoo's recent Aviata data, The average number of apps that Android users have on their phone sums up to 95 but only 35 of them being used on a daily basis. The data suggested that many of the apps were time oriented such as the transportation apps being used from 8 am - 5 pm, the normal time to commute. 

The weather apps are made use of during mornings and evenings and multimedia apps go up steadily throughout the day as users relax most in the evenings while watching a movie or music. Google maps, clock apps and Facebook peak at the end of the day when people reach home. Aviate collects all the data and information from the user and automatically organizes your apps according to your preferences. This may include weather forecasts, transit information and calendar events. Aviate was acquired by Yahoo! in January and released the launcher out of beta in June to the consumers.

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