Monday, 21 July 2014

Gaza Couldn’t Breathe On Sunday

It is not that we do not know, but we are certainly closing the eyes when we see the brutality of Israel on the Gaza City. Killing tolls, well it is still being counted and wonder how much that will reach to. To speak more about it, Sunday was considered to be a huge massacre for the people of Gaza. The Israelis have now started bombing the eastern side of Gaza city called Shejaiya. For the people of Gaza, it was the deadliest episode that they had witnessed up till now. Only on Sunday over 87 Palestinians died due to the bombings.

Though, no mercy has been shown even to the children and the toddlers, the city of Gaza is going through the most fatal situation. The Health Ministry has confirmed that more than 300 people have been injured on Sunday due to the attacks. Though the Israeli military had agreed to the request of the International Committee of the Red Cross Society for a two hour of humanitarian cease fire from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, to evacuate the dead and the injured, they started again with the as soon as the first hour was up. However, soon after the second hour, Hamas was accused of not obeying the order and the cease exceeded upto 5:30.
Gaza Couldn’t Breathe On Sunday - TekSea
Though, Gaza reciprocated Israel with some rockets on to the cities like Beersheba, Ashkelon and Netivot, some were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system while others fell on open land, causing minimal loss. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said that the Israeli military had moved to Shejaiya overnight to warn the residents to leave for the past three days. He said, "The mission is targeting Hamas' terrorist infrastructure, including significant rocket-launching capabilities and an extensive tunnel network designed to aid infiltration into Israel for attacks on soldiers and civilians”.

The Military even said that they had found 10 access shafts leading to tunnels beneath Shejaiya, and 8 percent of the nearly 1,800 rockets fired into Israel since July 8 had been launched from Shejaiya.

The military had detected and destroyed the tunnel system& it has been the prime focus so far. Earlier Sunday the military said it had discovered 14 tunnels and dozens of access points. Militants from Gaza emerged to fight from two tunnels, which led to killing two of them. On Sunday morning, the Israeli military said it had demolished two tunnels, including one it said led to NetivHaasara, the Israeli border just the north of Gaza.

Gaza Health Ministry officials said that at least 403 Palestinians, many of them civilians, were been killed and that about 2,600 were wounded during Israel's 13-day air and ground offensive, according to Reuters. The director of Shifa Hospital said 17 children, 14 women and four older people were among the dead from Shejaiya. The brutality and the mayhem massacre can only be felt with pain and sorrow.

As the sun was setting, families around were planning to have the Ramadan meal with only bread as there was no electricity or source to cook and kept them safe in the basement. People of Gaza cry in pain and say that they are not a part of the Hamas and why are they being slaughtered?

The people of Gaza fear that they won’t survive and this could be the view of 1948 again.

Written by: Fahad Patel

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